Track Internship Hours Online with My Internship Journal

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“MyInternshipJournal is an online journal & time-tracker
specifically designed for tracking Internship hours.”

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Transform your internship program’s record-keeping process and reduce your paper.

For Interns

Track your internship hours online – no paper required.


For Supervisors

Approve internship hours online with just a few clicks.

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Monitor Internships in Real-Time
Standardize Internship Documentation
Save Time & Reduce Paper
Track Internship Hours with My Internship Journal

At the end of the internship, a complete

Internship Portfolio

is available for interns to use for job applications and more.

How Does it Work?


Interns log experiences.

Interns log their activities on a daily basis inside MyInternshipJournal. They’ll have access to the web-based tool as well as a handy mobile app.


Supervisors approve logs.

Interns submit hour logs to their supervisors for approval electronically. Supervisors can approve hour logs online inside


Evaluations are completed.

At the end of the internship, online evaluations are completed by the intern and supervisor. Any other documentation can also be attached to the intern’s journal.


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Track Internship Hours Online with My Internship Journal


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